Our partners

We believe in co-creation and value good collaborations with our reputable partners.

Collaborations come about after a careful and selective process based on mutual trust and respect. Long-term relationships that combine knowledge and expertise into a joint pragmatic approach. As a relationship of Symbol, you reap the benefits and we can always provide you with the intended solution.


As a mechanical engineering firm, AKOS has been a solid partner for industry since 1969. The unique combination of the engineering firm with a specialized recruitment service enables AKOS to respond quickly and flexibly to the growing demand for high-quality technical knowledge and capacity.


With high-quality scans, smart algorithms and personalized learning advice and through the central Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Archipel helps take the next step. Always in the way that fits the learning objective and the individual learning style. Quality guaranteed, because Archipel Academy works with the best trainers in the Netherlands, including Symbol.

ATS is “the independent Solution Provider” for Smart Digital Transformation for users worldwide, improving productivity and quality. ATS supports organizations in their digital transformation through the three layers of the automation pyramid: the controlling, executive and informational layers.


Capgemini Academy sees the value of IT growing by the day. Capgemini Academy helps people and organizations get the best out of themselves and each other every day. Prepares them to face tomorrow’s challenges confidently. Stimulates learning and curiosity. So that IT professionals and their employers can move forward together better, longer and more intensively.


Computrain is the largest IT training provider in the Netherlands. Making the most of the power of IT by sustainably professionalizing employees is the driving force here. Computrain makes sure you have that knowledge and competencies you need today for tomorrow’s technology.

Conclusion is an expert in business transformation and IT systems. Conclusion serves its clients from a unique ecosystem of IT and business-oriented companies, each an authority in its field. Symbol is one of them.


Getting the best out of your organization means commitment, vision, leadership, talent, perseverance and, above all, strategy, innovation and anticipation. Symbol works with professionals from Deloitte to bring out the best in your organization. Deloitte has experience in change processes and ICT solutions. Symbol supports Deloitte projects in the areas of training and project coaching.


Edubookers is an independent platform with continuously growing offerings from a large number of professional training providers. If your organization works with Edubookers, you can book our courses directly through this platform.


Ergo-Design industrial engineering designs and optimizes production facilities for the manufacturing industry. Ergo-Design turns production vision into Factory Design: a transparent layout for optimal flow. Ergo-Design specializes in simulations of complex production processes. Ergo-Design provides custom planning and scheduling applications, tact clocks and Andon systems. In the field of Lean Six sigma, Symbol is a training partner of Ergo-Design.


Global Knowledge is the world’s largest independent provider of IT training, providing IT and management professionals with a comprehensive curriculum of courses from multiple vendors. Symbol provides Lean Six Sigma training for Global Knowledge in the Netherlands.

Lagant is the specialized institute for training and consulting services in project, program and portfolio management design & execution, change management, agile management, agile leadership and agile transformation services. The Lagant Group now consists of 5 organizations specializing in project & agile management, which together provide project and change management in the broadest possible sense.


Leanforms provides smart, digital forms for smart collaboration. Easily create workflows that allow, for example, complaint registration and processing, leave requests and service requests to be handled easily and digitally. Workflow statuses are displayed in real-time dashboards.

Lean Six Sigma Academy (LSSA) aims to create an open, professional and quality-driven Lean Six Sigma knowledge community. Symbol partners with LSSA regarding the internationally recognized theory and practical exams Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Automotive Engineer.


Marosel’s training proposition as your external training department is ideal for a multitude of audiences. Such as SME organizations without HR departments and busy MTs and boards. At the same time, Marosel also works constructively with large organizations that may have an HR department, but specifically want to outsource internal knowledge development. By the way, Marosel is an adequate partner not only for business, but also for government, foundations and associations.


Minitab is a leading provider of statistical analysis software. Minitab is the most widely used package for Six Sigma analysis, For 40 years, Minitab has helped organizations analyze data. Symbol has a special arrangement with Minitab for participants in Lean Six Sigma training courses.

NCOI Opleidingen is the largest training provider for working Holland and aims to make and keep working Holland strong. NCOI offers Symbol’s Lean and Lean Six Sigma training courses.

Normec Foodcare

Normec Foodcare is a knowledge partner in food safety, product quality and taste. Together with Normec, process improvement and organizational development projects ensure compliance with food safety standards.

OBM Dynamics B.V. designs, develops and distributes educational products in Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) worldwide through its own network and that of its licensed partners. It also trains and certifies OBM instructors in partnership with APMG International.


WIMM helps SME organizations develop by train employees in all levels of organizations and relieve organizations in the area of employee development. Indeed, WIMM believes that investing in the personal development of employees increases the quality and agility of SMEs in the Overijssel and Noordoostpolder region.


As part of an international IT Service Management organization, Pink Elephant focuses on improving ICT organizations using best practices. Proven frameworks guide its services. Pink Elephant is therefore making an active contribution to the development and standardization of these frameworks. Here, Pink Academy’s Dutch activities focus specifically on IT Training and Business Consultancy. In this regard, Pink Elephant emphasizes the combination between “People, Process and Technology.” For IT organizations to function well, these three pillars must be efficiently aligned.


Quint Academy is one of the largest IT training organizations in the world. Every year, more than 25,000 professionals worldwide choose Quint Academy. Since 1992, Quint has been successfully responding to the (IT) training needs of these professionals with its training offerings. Quint Academy instructors are considered thought leaders in the marketplace. They contribute to the development of an up-to-date curriculum based on best practices. Distinctively, all teachers and educationists are also active in Quint’s consulting practice. As a result, Quint offers a challenging mix of theory and practice. This ensures the practical applicability of knowledge and skills taught.

rai association

The RAI Automotive Industry section represents the interests of the Dutch Automotive supply industry, including at the umbrella European trade association CLEPA in Brussels. RAI Association was one of the three founding members of CLEPA in 1959. Symbol, like many automotive customers, is a member of the RAI Automotive Industry in order to stay abreast of developments of and invest in the Dutch Automotive supply industry.


ROVC is the market leader in training and education for the technical Netherlands. Every year, more than 13,000 people take practical training at ROVC with the goal of functioning more efficiently, vigorously and competently.


Springest is the online platform for training and education. Does your organization partner with Springest? Know that you can also register for our trainings through this platform!


TWI Instituut Nederland BV is a partner in the global network of TWI Institutes whose goal is to integrate TWI methods into organizations in such a way that they are better able to permanently utilize knowledge and creativity of all employees in order to be successful. The Training Within Industry (TWI) program aims to support supervisors (team, shift or group leaders, department heads) in carrying out their daily responsibilities.


Symbol annually conducts the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training as a Master’s course at the University of Twente. About 60 students take this course each year. Furthermore, the University of Twente is an “associate partner” of the LSSA and organizes the Green and Black Belt certification exams four times a year.

Symbol works with the UWV when it comes to training and reintegrating job seekers.


Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, as a knowledge institution, works on quality higher education, research and business. With over 20,500 students, thousands of course participants and 2,000 employees in the Zwolle and Almere locations, Windesheim is one of the larger higher education institutions in the Netherlands. Together with Hogeschool Windesheim and Lloyd’s Register Nederland, Symbol organizes the Quality Management minor.