Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt training

As an Orange Belt, you will be a team leader on improvement projects in your immediate work environment.
4 days
LSSA Certificate
Study load: 64 hours

A Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt is proficient in Basic Problem Solving and is familiar with Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools. As an Orange Belt, you will be a team leader on improvement projects in your immediate work environment. You will also contribute constructively as a team member to larger Green- or Black Belt projects. Would you like to take a training belt? At Symbol, you attend professional and expert Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt Lean training.

Who is the Orange Belt training for?

All employees directly or indirectly involved in Lean or Six Sigma projects, including process owners, administrative, financial and quality assurance staff, operators, business managers, supervisors and engineers. Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt is therefore well suited to a broad target audience. If you want to keep developing yourself in the area of continuous improvement within a company, Orange Belt training, or any other training belt, is interesting for you.

Objective of Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt

After this training you will be familiar with the methodology as well as key tools, terms and abbreviations within Lean Six Sigma. You will learn what Lean Management or Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma can do for your organization and how you can help improve processes. This Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt training course aims for you to understand the principles of Lean and then be able to apply them in practice. The Orange training Belt looks at customer value, process mapping and the steps you take to improve a particular process. You’ll lay a solid foundation so you can get started with Lean Six Sigma right away.


This training consists of 4 days.



Study load Orange belt training

Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt training will benefit you most if you take time to prepare and study the material. We always recommend 8 hours of preparation and study for 8 hours of class. Thus, the study load is approximately 64 hours. Of course, this may be different for everyone.


Enrollment opportunities

What is the content of the Orange Belt training?

  • Lean Management Principles (Flow, Pull, …)
  • Lean simulation game
  • Understanding the Voice of the Customer and Customer Value
  • Setting up a CTQ Flowdown
  • Making process performance and quality measurable
  • 5S workplace organization
  • Visualizing processes (Flowchart, Swimlane, VSM)
  • Identify and eliminate the 8 types of waste
  • Risk analysis using Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • Visualizing data
  • (Pareto, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Histogram, Box Plot, Time Series Plot, Scatter Plot)
  • Problem solving techniques (Ishikawa, Cause & Effect, …)
  • Experiencing and reducing variation
  • Kaizen ‘Continuous improvement’ in the office
  • Working together on a practical Lean Six Sigma case


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Your investment

EUR 1,995.

This price includes:

  • Theory book ‘Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt’ (in Dutch)
  • Exercise book ‘Exercises Lean Six Sigma Yellow & Orange Belts’ (Dutch language)
  • Dutch-language training manual containing all presentations
  • Templates
  • Lunches.

Symbol learning materials Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Incompany: plan the training as a group within your own organization

This training can also be provided as in-company. In-company training gives you the opportunity to make the training company-specific, so that during the training the translation between the theory and your own practice is made immediately. Own cases and problems are then addressed during the training.

Contact us for a variety of options, or leave your information via the “Request Information” tab. If so, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Internationally recognized certificate

By default, all trainees receive a certificate of participation. In addition, we offer the opportunity to earn an internationally recognized certificate for both Lean Orange Belt training. LSSA theory exams are administered in class and in writing at one of our locations (Amersfoort, Enschede). For larger groups, please contact us to take the exams in-company. All exams are available in both Dutch and English.

Registering for an LSSA theory exam is only possible if you hold an exam voucher. Don’t have an exam voucher yet? Then you can purchase it through the LSSA Webshop. After purchasing the voucher, you will receive the code by email. With that code, you can register for the theory exam.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Did you not receive an email within 3 business days? Then contact info@lssa.eu.

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