Core values

We recognize ourselves in the core values below. We stand by these core values and it unites us in our work. You, the customer, can hold us accountable to our core values.


We believe that organizations only really benefit from our help when they can do it without us. Our approach is therefore centered on “Do It Yourself – Participate Itself. We are not successful until our clients have achieved their goals.


We are a leader in process improvement and quality management. Our consultants have a high level of knowledge & lots of practical experience. We have established the LSSA standard for Lean Six Sigma training, including the CIMM framework, our book series and internationally recognized certification.


We inspire people by enthusing and including them in the improvement process. Our Lean Experience Center is a good example of this. We do not work with teachers, but with moderators who challenge people. They translate theory into practice and provide practical examples.

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