Interim Management

Where do I get experienced interim managers immediately? Who will drive this change project? Which Green Belt can solve this persistent quality problem? Where do I get temporary extra capacity? These are questions where Symbol can provide the solution.

Experienced interim managers

When failure occurs at the executive or MT level, a major problem immediately arises. What happens if one of the managers leaves, goes on maternity leave, or suffers long-term absenteeism?
To fill temporary positions, such as quality manager or operations manager, Symbol can assist by providing experienced interim managers. Selecting the right interim manager is done with great care. Symbol stands ready to meet needs, whether it’s finding a skilled line manager to take the organization to the next level, a change manager to implement a Lean transformation, or a project manager to drive a complex project.

interim managers and Young Professionals
Experienced Interim Managers and Young Professionals Symbol

Each assignment requires specific leadership and a management style that fits seamlessly with the organizational culture and values. Our approach combines in-depth knowledge with efficiency, enabling us to provide qualified interim managers at short notice to temporarily fill open management positions.
At Symbol, we move quickly and carefully to find the ideal interim manager for each assignment. We understand the dynamics of manufacturing organizations. Based on our extensive experience, we select suitable candidates from our network of more than 25 experienced and motivated interim managers.
Each interim assignment is carried out with clear objectives in mind. We are ready to meet interim management needs quickly and effectively.

Young Professionals

Symbol offers the perfect solution for your organization when temporary external support is needed to achieve goals. We provide young, enthusiastic project managers and engineers for quality management support. For Lean projects or solving persistent quality problems using Six Sigma.

Each year we select five Young Professionals from a pool of promising talent. Through the Symbol Academy, we give them a flying start to their careers. They attend intensive training to develop themselves and apply their knowledge directly in practice.

A Young Professional is assigned to an organization as a project leader or team member for a period of four to six months. During this period, they work on projects such as reducing lead times, improving quality systems, optimizing the 8D process, implementing business processes according to ISO standards, performing MSA studies, setting up FMEA structures and developing work instructions, etcetera.

Start the journey to success today with Symbol

With our dedicated interim managers and enthusiastic Young Professionals, we deploy structured and proven techniques to achieve lasting improvements for organizations. We strongly believe in the philosophy of “understand first and then do.” Together, we tackle challenges, set clear goals and create a solid plan of action.
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Solutions to challenging situations

Do you have questions about our experienced interim managers or Young Professionals? We are here to listen. Fill out the form to the right and tell us more about your challenges. We look forward to developing together, customized solutions that perfectly fit your specific needs.