Continuous Improvement Consultancy

For more than 15 years, we have been helping companies and organization continuously improve their performance. This is about reducing processing times on the one hand and improving quality on the other. This results in higher customer satisfaction and lower operational costs. Using proven techniques and consultants with management experience, we ensure lasting impact.

Continuous Improvement and achieving results

The Continuous Improvement Maturity Model(CIMM) developed by us. has already helped more than 500 companies structurally implement Continuous Improvement. The CIMM growth model brings together all Continuous Improvement best practices into one framework and provides insight into the maturity level of companies and organizations.

In addition to structurally implementing continuous improvement, we help organizations permanently solve acute or just long-term problems. We do this by employing specialists who know how to analyze and make sense of complex problems. Together with the team of experts, we solve the problem and secure it in the organization.

Continuous improvement

Our expertise and services

At Symbol, expertise and dedication come together. With our experience and knowledge, we lift your organization to new heights. We believe in measurable results. Our approach is based on proven methodologies and best practices tailored to specific needs. Discover our services and competencies below and learn how we can make a difference with you.

cimm assessment services

CIMM Growth Model

CIMM stands for “Continuous Improvement Maturity Model. The CIMM assessment developed by Symbol provides insight into an organization’s maturity level and provides direction for the next phase. With this approach, Symbol has already helped more than 300 companies and more than 40,000 people have already purchased the book “Climbing the Mountain.

lean transformation service

Lean Management

Lean focuses on identifying and eliminating waste. This leads to shorter lead times and lower operational costs and higher customer satisfaction. Symbol’s Lean experts help select the right Lean techniques and implement them successfully.

digital transformation service

Digital Transformation

New techniques such as PowerBI, Process Mining, Predictive analytics, Robot Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming increasingly important in the world of continuous improvement. Real-time insight into performance and product quality provides the ability to manage faster and better. Symbol’s digital experts and its network help companies with digital transformation.

IATF 16969 and ISO 9001 services - quality management

Quality Management

A functioning quality management system provides a stable foundation. ISO 9001 is the most widely used KMS worldwide, and within automotive it is IATF 16949. Parts of IATF (i.e. FMEA, Core tools) are also increasingly used in the high-tech sector. Symbol works with certified auditors and has helped hundreds of companies successfully implement ISO 9001 and IATF.

symbol services interim management

Interim Management

Sometimes there is a need for temporary or additional capacity or expertise. Symbol has a team of experienced interim managers who can step in temporarily to manage a department or project. In addition, Symbol has a team of Young professionals who provide additional capacity for (improvement) projects.


competence development service

Competency Development

When new methods or techniques are introduced, it is important that employees be properly trained in them. Symbol offers a wide range of training courses: Lean, Six Sigma, automotive training and master classes. Trainings can be held on the open schedule as well as in-company. Our trainers provide practical, results-oriented learning experiences.

Our customers

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Our approach

First understand, then do; understand well, do well.

Whether we are involved in large or small projects, we always ensure that there is a common goal and understanding of the current situation. Therefore, together with management and staff, we establish the challenges, goals and the broad plan of action. That we are going to reach the goal is certain. How we will do that we discover together thanks to the structure, improvement techniques and organizing ability we bring.


Together with management and staff, we set goals and challenges. Whether we are working on a specific objective or just a company-wide Lean transformation; during our collaboration, the organization develops the learning capability to move forward independently.


Our consultants have line (management) experience or extensive experience in organizational improvement.
We inspire people by enthusing and including them in the improvement process.


We are a leader in process improvement and quality management.
In projects, we take the lead connecting management with the shop floor. Our approach is systematic and pragmatic, focused on achieving the end goal.

CIMM growth model

The CIMM growth model integrates best practices and techniques of operations management into a single framework. For a successful Lean or Digital transformation, it is essential to know the current maturity level of the organization. The CIMM assessment provides insight and direction in this regard.


Lead time reduction of up to 75%


First time right rate to 100%


Cost price reduction of up to 20%


Capacity increase of up to 40%

Improve your organization with Symbol

At Symbol Consultancy, we believe in understanding first and then doing. Together with you, we tackle challenges, set goals and create a plan of action. The result? Sustainable improvements in your operations.
Achieve lasting improvements through the use of structured approaches and proven techniques.
As a result, your organization will achieve its financial and operational goals. This leads to satisfied customers and employees.

symbol - office - lean transformation

Discover what Symbol can do for your organization

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