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Where are we in the area of continuous improvement and Lean management? What is the next step for us? How do we develop a culture of continuous improvement? How do we secure what we have achieved? These are relevant questions for companies and organizations that are serious about ongoing operational organization development.

Our assessment provides insight into the current situation and forms the starting point for the development of a continuous improvement program that perfectly suits the organization.

The Key to Continuous Improvement

At Symbol, we have accumulated years of experience and expertise in Lean management and Six Sigma. With that, we developed a customized assessment; Continuous Improvement Maturity Model, also called the CIMM model.

If an organization wants to implement a Lean or Six Sigma transformation, it is important to first take stock of what maturity level the organization is currently at. Our assessment provides organizations with insights needed to determine what maturity level they are at.

The right method for continuous improvement depends greatly on the current maturity level of the organization. The CIMM assessment offers exactly this insight and provides clear direction.

CIMM summarizes all the best practices and techniques of different methodologies into one powerful framework. With the CIMM assessment, you will discover exactly where your organization stands on the development path of continuous improvement.



cimm roadmap

CIMM: Five-level maturity model

Each technique in the CIMM framework is supported by specific attitudes and approaches of employees. Whether it’s board vision, management strategy or employee commitment in the workplace, our framework identifies essential aspects that contribute to successful implementation and lasting impact.

Our online CIMM assessment allows organizations to perform a basic analysis on their own. This provides insight into the current situation and is the starting point for improvement. Want to dig deeper? Our comprehensive assessment, involving several employees, reveals the nuances. The results are discussed during an MT session. Together, we develop a detailed plan of action that not only harnesses the power of Lean and Six Sigma, but also integrates the right attitude and approach.

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