8D Problem Solving Process

The 8D Problem Solving Process is a normalized roadmap, within which a problem is solved in eight steps.
1 day
Certificate of Attendance
Study load: 16 hours

When addressing problems, all too often, people jump straight to the solution (‘jumping to conclusions’), without a thorough analysis of the causes. As a result, the solution is not structural, and the problem will recur. The 8D Problem Solving Process is a standardized roadmap in which a problem is solved in eight steps. Within the automotive industry, people routinely request an 8D approach when facing issues with delivered products. Other industries are also increasingly adopting the 8D approach for problem-solving and communication.


What does the 8D Problem Solving Process training cover?

This training will cover the following topics:

  • 8D methodology and practical application
  • The roles in an 8D team
  • Defining problems – 5W2H, process flow, process data, etc.
  • Interim containment action – implementation, verification, validation
  • Finding out the root causes – brainstorming, Ishikawa, 5-why, etc.
  • Permanent corrective action – implementation, verification, validation
  • Prevention of the recurrence of the problem


For whom

Anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in problem solving and wants to use a structured way to do so. Departments such as product development, production and quality will find added value in this.



Upon completion of this training, you will be capable of systematically defining problems, conducting structured analyses, identifying root causes, and implementing structural preventive measures.


Study Load

This one-day training requires approximately eight hours of additional study, resulting in a total study load of approximately 16 hours.

Your investment

This 1-day training costs € 695,- p.p.

This price includes:

  • Dutch-language training manual containing all presentations
  • templates
  • official certificate of participation
  • lunch

Prices quoted do not include VAT.



The training provides a training manual containing the presentations and exercises. Excel will be used during the training. Laptops with Excel are available upon request.


Incompany: plan the training as a group within your own organization

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