Lean Green Belt training

As a Lean Green Belt, you will work independently to design processes more efficiently, or as a team member in a larger Lean or Six Sigma project.
5 days
LSSA Certificate

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  • In this Lean Green Belt training you will learn the theory behind Lean and Six Sigma, but thanks to cases and simulation games you will also learn how to apply the techniques in practice.
  • You will learn how to independently start, manage and complete Lean initiatives and Kaizen improvement projects in your own department.
  • After the training – with your certificate of participation or internationally recognized LSSA certificate in your pocket – you will realize significant improvements in your organization’s operational processes as a professional Lean Green Belt.


Lean Green Belts contribute to more efficient processes through the application of Lean techniques. The goal of Lean is to make processes more stable and efficient. With the right combination of specialized knowledge of the process and application of Lean techniques, the Lean Green Belt is able to realize significant improvements in reducing lead time and work in progress.

After completing Lean Green Belt training, you will be able to work in your own department as a project manager with Lean initiatives and Kaizen improvement projects. The Lean way of working aims to achieve maximum value for the customer with as little waste as possible (Muda). The Lean Green Belt designs the operational process smarter and more efficiently. The application of Lean drives lead time down and reduces costs.

The organizational impact and savings can be as great as that of a Black Belt project, but in general, Green Belt projects tend to be smaller in size and are less complex than Black Belt projects. The scope of a Green Belt project often covers one particular department or process. Lean Green Belts can work independently or within a team as a project manager. Team members of Green Belt projects can be Belt themselves, but they can also be employees without specific Lean knowledge.


For whom.

Lean Green Belt training is widely taken by those involved in improving operational and support processes in both industry and the public sector. The education level for this course is HBO/HBO+.

Lean Green Belt training

Lean Green Belt training


After this training, as a Lean Green Belt, you will be able to map processes and value streams. In doing so, you will master a wide range of practical Lean techniques to make processes more stable and predictable. This leads to shorter lead times and lower operating costs, and thus satisfied customers.


Study load Lean Green Belt training

This Green Belt training course lasts for 5 days. You take the training either in class or virtually. You get the most out of Green Belt training if you study the material after each block and preview the next training block. Our rule of thumb is 8 hours of class is 8 hours of preparation and study. Thus, the study load is approximately 40 hours.


Enrollment opportunities


Green Belt plus package

When registering for this training, you can optionally choose the Plus Package. You will then receive a 12-hour coaching package and a voucher to take the Lean Green Belt exam. This international certification program is conducted by the LSSA (Lean Six Sigma Academy) in collaboration with the University of Twente. More information can be found under the “Price” tab.


Contents of Lean Green Belt training

  • Experiencing Lean by playing a process simulation
  • History of Lean and continuous improvement
  • Lean principles (Value, Value Flow, Flow, Pull, Continuous Improvement)
  • Describing customer value (Voice of the Customer)
  • Smartly organizing one’s work environment using 5S
  • The importance of standardized work
  • Following the right improvement approach (PDCA, DMAIC)
  • Identify and eliminate waste (“Muda”)
  • Be actively involved in a continuous improvement project (Kaizen)
  • Root cause investigations (Root Cause analyses).
  • Applying Lean tools
  • The importance of being error-free (First Time Right / Poka Yoke)
  • Calculating and assessing Lean performance indicators
  • Setting up a project charter and A3 reporting
  • Form and manage an improvement team
  • Preparation of a value stream (Current State)
  • Visualizing the potential for improvement (Future State).
  • Develop standards and work instructions
  • Review and improve the quality management system
  • Reducing overload (‘Muri ‘).
  • Reducing imbalance (“Mura”).
  • Performing risk analysis (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis).
  • Establish and maintain a continuous improvement culture (Kaizen)

Other interesting Lean and Six Sigma training courses

After completing this Lean Green Belt training, you can advance to a higher level. Here you will gain knowledge about even more useful and practical Lean Six Sigma techniques. Consider the following trainings:

Webinars and events

We regularly organize events and webinars where we inspire you as a Lean Green Belt with the latest developments and tips for applying Lean in practice. These events are mostly free of charge for our relations. This page lists upcoming Lean and Six Sigma events and webinars. Feel free to sign up for this!



Interesting subsidies are available for training courses. This is also the case for this Lean Green Belt training, whether you take this training in-company or in the open schedule. If you would like to learn more about grant opportunities for this training, please contact us.

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In the open schedule, the Lean Green Belt training is held in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Groningen, Eindhoven and Enschede, among other locations.

The Lean Green Belt training is also often delivered as in-company training, where improvement projects in one’s own organization are part of the training program.



A number of downloads will be used during the training. You can reach it via the button below.

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Below is an overview of the training options and prices:



5 days classroom

This price includes:

  • Theory book “Lean Green Belt & Lean Black Belt” (Dutch language)
  • Practice book “Lean Green Belt & Lean Black Belt” (Dutch language)
  • Dutch-language training manual containing all presentations
  • Templates
  • Lean game
  • Official certificate of participation
  • Lunch
  • Webinars and events
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: not satisfied after 1 day? Cancel free of charge or start later in classroom training*

(Listed prices do not include VAT)

Plus Package

To complete your development path, we offer a plus package. You complete your training with certification and project coaching. If you want to take advantage of this offer, check “Plus Package” on the registration form.

This package consists of:

The validity of the plus package is 12 months from the first day of training.

Prices quoted do not include VAT.

Incompany: plan the training as a group within your own organization

Request Lean Green Belt training for in-company

This Lean Green Belt training can be delivered in-company. An in-company training offers you (team/department/organization) the opportunity to make the training company-specific, so that during the training the translation between theory and your own practice is made immediately. Contact us for a variety of options.

We welcome you in advance. First, select a date and location for your Lean Green Belt training from the list below. Then you can enter your information.
To register more than one person, please fill out this form for each participant. However, you can also contact us for this purpose and email us the names of the participants.

Internationally recognized Lean Green Belt certification

By default, all trainees receive a certificate of participation. In addition, we offer the opportunity to earn internationally recognized certification for both Lean Green Belt training. LSSA theory exams are administered in class and in writing at one of our locations (Amersfoort, Enschede). For larger groups, please contact us to take the exams in-company. All exams are available in both Dutch and English.

Registering for an LSSA theory exam is only possible if you hold an exam voucher. Don’t have an exam voucher yet? Then you can purchase it through the LSSA Webshop. After purchasing the voucher, you will receive the code by email. With that code, you can register for the theory exam.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Did you not receive an email within 3 business days? Then contact info@lssa.eu.

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