Partnership signed between Symbol and OBM Dynamics

Symbol and OBM Dynamics B.V. are pleased to announce their partnership in offering Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) Foundation Level Training.

Symbol has become a new Certified Partner of OBM Dynamics to sell and deliver the OBM Foundation Level Training under license in the Netherlands. Symbol recognizes OBM as a strong and natural extension of their portfolio. Having built a successful business in continuous improvement, Symbol embraces OBM to ensure that leaders in organizations understand the importance of organizational behavior management.


Three-day Foundation training with recognized exam through APMG

OBM helps leaders and influencers design practical strategies that can be used to change behavior. It encourages methods to improve human performance, leading to improvement in business goals. The three-day Foundation training is a hands-on course based on a variety of scientific sources. Examination and certification of OBM training participants is processed by APMG International, the certification partner of both OBM Dynamics and Symbol.

Dick Theisens, director of Symbol: “Every year we support dozens of companies with (Lean) transformations and with the rollout of new methods to develop the continuous improvement process. Think of problem solving and daily standup meetings. In principle, the methods themselves are clear and straightforward. However, in implementation, success often depends on the culture within an organization and the behavior of its people. OBM gives us additional tools to help develop the right behavior, and thus the success of our approach. We are very excited about the first experiences with OBM.”


Organizational Behavior Management is a science for optimizing performance

Repeated research has shown that in as many as 70% of organizational change programs, not all objectives are realized. In about 60% of those cases, “Behavior” is cited as the cause. By understanding how to influence behavior, managers can better understand their employees in the workplace, forming a culture that helps achieve strategic goals such as improved customer satisfaction.

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) is a scientifically proven method for optimizing organizational performance, combining a “seven-step protocol” with hard data and a focus on encouraging and reinforcing positive behavioral changes. The “seven steps” include determining pinpoints, developing a measurement system and designing and implementing a solution.

OBM has been successfully used worldwide for over 40 years and has a proven track record of improving organizational performance in every industry, in hundreds of reported cases, by focusing on both outcomes and behaviors rather than just results.


Collaboration with OBM Dynamics

Joost Kerkhofs & Robert den Broeder (Founders & Directors, OBM Dynamics B.V.) say: “People love change! As long as they benefit from it themselves! The training and certification is based on a wealth of scientific studies showing how behavior can affect organizational change.

We have trained hundreds of leaders and influencers in the Netherlands. Since 2010, we have collected an impressive number of cases on how OBM has successfully helped public and private organizations achieve their goals. These cases have shown that behavior is the key to successfully adopting best practices, frameworks and management philosophies such as Agile, DevOps, Scrum and Lean. We look forward to working with Symbol to expand the use of OBM.”

About OBM Dynamics

OBM Dynamics B.V. ( designs, develops and distributes Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) educational products worldwide through its own network and that of its licensed partners. It also trains and certifies OBM instructors in partnership with APMG International.


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