The Lean Experience Center has undergone a renewal

We are excited to announce that our Lean Experience Center (LEC) has undergone an exciting transformation!
After months of hard work and dedication, our center is now an even more powerful learning environment.
Why this innovation? Because we believe learning is most effective when it is interactive, engaging and hands-on. Our goal was to create a space that not only teaches the principles of Lean, but is also a living example of efficient and dynamic processes.


What makes our Lean Experience Center special?

Every year hundreds of people gain knowledge and experience of Lean principles and techniques in our center, the largest Lean game in the Netherlands. Our approach is unique because we use the power of “serious gaming,” a learning method in which participants learn by doing. This ties in with Confucius’ famous quote, “I remember 10% of what I hear, but 90% of what I hear, see AND do.”


One of the most striking features of our revamped LEC is the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies. Each workstation is equipped with digital work instructions and products have unique RFID tags. Apps and software generate real-time process data, providing instant visibility into waste and the ability to visualize logistics and financial performance.

From simulation to application

In our LEC, we simulate a realistic work environment with different departments and functions. Participants are involved in partial and final assembly activities and are exposed to realistic scenarios such as changeover times and differential lead times, which helps them make the connection to their own work processes.

Step into the world of Lean

Our updated interactive program provides an in-depth understanding of the fundamental Lean principles, offering the perfect foundation for effective team building. We encourage organizations to participate in this enriching experience.

Discover how the application of Lean techniques can create a positive transformation within your company.
Contact us via email, or call

053 203 0240

for more information.


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