5 Tips for better securing Continuous Improvement!

Continuous improvement? Read 5 tips to better secure your improvements here.

Tip 1: Focus on improvements that save time

After all, this is what employees experience themselves and that motivates them. Working more efficiently also ultimately results in financial savings. If you bet directly on cost reduction, this is mainly perceived as a direct benefit by the board and shareholders. With the risk of little support among staff, thus no sustainable policy.


Tip 2: Renew standards and work instructions based on the solution devised

Do that with your team, keeping the end goal in mind. Engagement leads to higher motivation. Your team will feel more accountable because of its own contribution. This will ensure greater lasting results.


Tip 3: Train and instruct stakeholders on the new solution

If necessary, train those involved in the tools needed to make the new way of working a success. Make sure those involved have the resources to make the improvements.


Tip 4: Clearly communicate the changes

Record the agreements made and do so together. Make sure everyone actually sees and endorses these agreements. After all, if it is not clear exactly what has been agreed upon and what is expected, and if you do not have the resources to do it right, the effect of the improvement will not be sustainable.


Tip 5: Measure whether the conceived solution produces the desired results

Conduct a 0 measurement before launch and then continue to measure the results of improvements. Adjust your methods as needed. If you see progress, that will be an incentive to keep going! After all, success tastes like more!

Finally, celebrate success!

Last but not least, make your team part of the success! Everyone likes to feel valued in their contributions. Then let this show! Hang the garlands, hand out pastries! Celebrate!

What are your tips?

We are curious to hear your tips when it comes to making improvements sustainable! Share your experiences below!

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