Continuous improvement in the supply chain to meet quality standards. Developments are rapid right now within the Automotive industry. The Dutch Automotive sector is a vital industry that will make an important contribution to solving social problems in the areas of sustainability and mobility (source: Royal RAI Association).

With the digital tsunami, further robotization and application of AI (artificial intelligence) is taking place. As a result, processes within Automotive are becoming increasingly integrated, with efficiency and safety being crucial factors. Well-known automotive OEMs such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Daimler and General Motors therefore place very high demands on the supply chain, or suppliers in the chain. These are challenged to continuously manage and optimize their performance.

More reliable, faster and cheaper….

There are very high standards. Important aspects include reliability, time-to-market in development, production and release of products and processes. It has to be better, faster and certainly cheaper. The biggest challenge that companies in the automotive supply chain have is, on the one hand, to ensure quality by controlling the processes and, on the other hand, through Operational Excellence, to continuously optimize their processes and organization. The most difficult thing is to keep the focus on the strategic goals in this hectic rapidly changing world in order to remain competitive in the global market by continuing to develop your organization and your products. Together with you, we are happy to conduct an assessment that reveals the organization’s development points. Interestad in a quick look? Then take the free organizational scan. The result is a practical overview with aspects where your organization scores well and where your organization can develop.

Symbol is the automotive expert when it comes to continuous improvement in the Supply Chain! We work for 80% of automotive suppliers and OEMs in the Netherlands and abroad. We support companies through consulting, training, projects and strategic sessions.

Specific projects

Symbol assists organizations in the Automotive sector with implementing relevant projects such as:

  • The implementation of IATF16949 incl. Successfully implementing & restructuring APQP, FMEA, MSA, SPC and 8D.
  • Rolling out Lean and Six Sigma within an organization including by doing projects and providing trainings
  • Performing data analysis to control the process by conducting e.g. a feasibility study or MSA study.
  • Conducting supplier audits including in accordance with VDA 6.3 and implementing the VDA 6.3 structure within an organization.

Symbol has a team of experienced automotive experts and junior consultants executing projects and ad interim assignments at and with our clients. Junior consultants are familiar with IATF16949, applicable core tools and Lean Six Sigma. They have several years of work experience and bring new energy and a fresh perspective to your organization. Symbol’s automotive experts are officially IATF16949 1st/2nd party auditor certified to train internal auditors, and some experts are certified VDA 6.3 auditors.

Specific training for the automotive industry

In addition to Lean and Six Sigma training, Symbol provides specific Automotive training courses such as APQP, PPAP, IMDS, FMEA, IATF16949 and 8D specifically for Automotive. These trainings cover the specific automotive aspects and their interrelationships.

Symbol is also founder of the “Working in the Automotive Industry” series. The automotive industry has the great challenge of continuing to develop its current employees in order to keep up with the developments in the market such as the increasing use of software and electronics, Functional Safety, Smart Industry and new ways of manufacturing. Symbol has therefore developed basic training that we provide at high schools and colleges and for automotive companies both in-company and on open training.


Symbol hosts regular events where we update you on new developments. In addition, Symbol regularly attends events held by other partners.

Lots of expertise within our organization

Our consultants have written a number of specific white papers related to developments in the Automotive industry. All blogs and white papers can be found via the button below.

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