Educational organizations in vocational education (ROCs/MBOs/HBOs/Universities) face enormous challenges. Students’ needs are constantly changing, for example when it comes to digitization. And training programs must be responsive to the needs of the labor market in the future.

In the process, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have enough qualified teachers for classes. Developments within educational organizations increasingly demand clear processes, rethinking one’s role, increasing professionalism and improving efficiency.

How does an educational organization set up the organization accordingly? And how does an educational organization deal with these changes? How are the needs and demands of all stakeholders (students, teachers, employers, government, etc…) addressed? What does digitization mean for the design of processes? How does an educational organization get to making fewer mistakes? How does an educational organization accelerate lead times to achieve an updated educational program? And how can staff departments best support teaching? With tangible results. Not only now, but also in the future.

Symbol’s consultants/trainers are happy to address these issues with your educational organization. Because of a combination of years of experience and broad knowledge of developments within educational organizations, Symbol is a leader in the field of Continuous Improvement. Through a combination of coaching, guidance and training, we support educational organizations in optimizing processes. It is precisely by inspiring management and employees that we, together with our clients, set the organization in motion.

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