The Dutch high-tech manufacturing industry is one of the main sources of innovation in the Netherlands, due to higher demands and the need to produce more with the same or even a smaller workforce. Confidently competing globally with optimized modern processes for the rapidly changing high-tech Dutch manufacturing industry, that is what we as Symbol support our clients in.


In recent years, the challenge in the Dutch high-tech industry consisted of a changing worldview in which strong competition with low-wage countries was required. Meanwhile, a new challenge has been added – finding and retaining qualified technical staff. Since production rates, especially in traditional low-wage countries, are also on the rise, it has long been economically attractive to have production (again) in Europe, so-called backshoring. In the process, entire production processes that were first moved to Asia around 2010 are being brought back to Europe.

However, to make this profitable, there is plenty of use of modern means of production. This then involves, for example, the implementation of fully robotic production lines or collaborative robots. These robots use specifically trained workers who, along with a robotic process, provide very high quality products at a very competitive cost.

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It will be clear that at a rapid pace, the Dutch high-tech manufacturing industry is demanding well-framed processes, particularly to stay ahead in the future. Symbol now has ample experience at leading companies with a wide range of service offerings. It is characterized by continuous improvement and staying on top of the latest trends.

Specific improvement projects

Symbol assists organizations with implementing relevant projects such as:

  • Automotive way of working: how to be practical and workable, meeting increasingly stringent customer requirements.
  • Implementing and successfully setting up FMEA, MSA, SPC and 8D.
  • Together with plant management, define strategic projects such as, for example: manufacturing intelligence
  • SQA, and controlling supply change
  • Automation of processes
  • Conducting data analysis to control the process by performing e.g. Feasibility study or implementing process and product measurement systems (MSA)
  • Prevention, operational reliability, energy optimization, waste reduction, product development & qualification
  • Rolling out TPM, Lean and/or Six Sigma within an organization
  • Coaching improvement projects and successfully executing strategic breakthrough projects.

CIMM Assessment

Do you know that improvements are possible? That it should be possible to achieve a higher return through, for example, a more efficient way of working? But don’t know where to start. Then a CIMM assessment can shed light on this. CIMM stands for the Continuous Improvement Maturity Model. This very practical model was developed by Symbol itself and through two axes: people (what competencies do the organizations possess) and process (to what extent is there process-based work within the organization), it shows the maturity status of the organization. At the same time, this reveals where the greatest potential for improvement lies. In a full CIMM assessment, our consultants thoroughly vet your organization through several interviews and a questionnaire. The organizational scan is also free to take through our website.

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Employee training plan

It is not only important that process-wise everything goes well. In achieving a continuous improvement culture, the role of employees is very important. Lasting impact as a sustainable improvement in results (ROI) or customer satisfaction can only be realized if employees also have the right competencies. Possible improvements can thus be much better identified and then realized. Symbol is a specialist in Lean and Lean Six Sigma training. These can be completed with an internationally recognized LSSA exam. But we also offer training in data science and other master classes. We are happy to work with you to create a training plan.

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