We believe in the Dutch manufacturing industry! Can this industry compete with foreign countries? Absolutely! Continuous focus on cost reduction, shortening delivery times and improving product quality/service leads to profit maximization and a strong Dutch supply chain. This is necessary to be able to compete structurally in a global environment.

ISO9001 is not a certificate,
but brings structure to your organization

Symbol lays the foundation for better performance with quality management. Symbol helps your organization get more out of your quality management system and realizes a quality-conscious, process-oriented organization. Your management system is the basis for providing structure within your organization. Formerly often a bureaucratic and departmental system focused on control. Today a practical process-oriented system, focused on continuous improvement and controlling processes.

Lean Six Sigma in the manufacturing environment

In a supply chain where collaboration is increasingly important and where speed and flexibility go hand in hand with delivering quality, Lean Six Sigma takes an important role. Lean ensures that processes are designed as effectively as possible and Six Sigma leads to reducing variation in order to structurally deliver the desired quality.

Both Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma have their origins in automotive and manufacturing. Not surprisingly, it is precisely in these industries that the power of Lean Six Sigma has become indispensable. Not only the larger companies, but also more and more SMEs are discovering the application of Lean Six Sigma.

Know where you can improve? Together with you, we are happy to conduct an assessment that reveals the organization’s development points. Interestad in a quick look? Then take the free organizational scan. The result is a practical overview with aspects where your organization scores well and where your organization can develop.

Specific projects

Symbol assists various organizations with implementing relevant projects such as:

  • Implementing ISO9001:2015 to create structure within the organization, manage risks and make structured improvements.
  • Creating a continuous improvement culture through, for example, short-cycle improvement, PDCA and/or work-in-progress control
  • Applying 5S with employees to organize the shop floor and work environment
  • Working with employees to better design production lines and create flow in the organization.
  • Reducing variation using Six Sigma to meet customer specifications and expectations.
  • Industry-specific training

In addition to Quality Management, Lean and Six Sigma trainings, Symbol provides specific trainings such as Scrum, Internal Auditing, 5S and various trainings on quality techniques such as MSA, FMEA, SPC, APQP and 8D. These techniques have their origins in the automotive industry, but are increasingly used or demanded in other sectors.

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Learn from the experiences of our relations

Symbol has extensive experience in successfully executing projects and providing training in industry. On this page you will find descriptions of some of the projects Symbol has completed in the industrial sector.

Lots of expertise within our organization

Our consultants have written a number of specific white papers related to developments in the Automotive industry. Of course you can also contact us to exchange views with us, we are happy to think with you.

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