MSA – Measurement System Analysis

Calibrating a measuring instrument is only one part of the measurement process.
1 day
Certificate of Attendance
Study load: 16 hours

Calibrating a measuring instrument is only one part of the measurement process. The measured variation is always a combination of process variation and variation due to the measurement process itself. To make the right decision based on measurement data, you need to know the proportion of the measurement process in the total variation.

This training will cover the following topics:

  • Application of MSA within IATF 16949:2016
  • Basic concepts of measurement
  • Different types of data and data collection
  • Definition of a measurement process
  • Attributive and variable measurement systems
  • Set up and conduct measurement system analysis (Gage R&R, attribute agreement)
  • Determination of systematic deviation (Accuracy).
  • Determination of variation contribution by the operator (Reproducibility)
  • Determination of variation contribution by the measuring instrument (Repeatability)
  • Determination of the ‘Discrimination’ and ‘Resolution’ of the measurement system
  • Calculation of key figures (P/T Ratio, %R&R, kappa index)
  • Analysis of graphs from the measurement system analysis study.


For whom

Designers, fabricators and engineers responsible for product or process development and control, Quality (QA & QC) engineers, lab and measuring room employees.



Every measurement process has variation. After this training, you will be able to examine how large this variation is relative to the variation in the products you measure. You can make a statement about the suitability of the measurement process in relation to the object being measured by performing a measurement system analysis.


Enrollment opportunities






1 day


Study Load

The study load for this course totals approximately 16 hours.

Your investment

This training costs €695 in the open schedule.



The training provides a handout for each participant.


Incompany: plan the training as a group within your own organization

This MSA training can be provided in-company. An in-company training offers you (team/department/organization) the opportunity to make the training company-specific, so that during the training the translation between theory and your own practice is made immediately. Contact us for a variety of options.

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