Want to supply the automotive industry, but your employees’ knowledge of IATF16949 and automotive standards is insufficient? Then in this training you can introduce your employees to this quality standard and the Automotive standards. In addition, they learn the impact of the standard and standards on the organization.

Elements of the IATF16949 quality standard and the Automotive standards are also increasingly used outside the automotive industry, as the standard and the standards provide excellent techniques for improving and controlling the processes within an organization.

The webinar will highlight certain chapters and tools from IATF16949 and link them to Formula 1 with fun examples.


Better understanding of the IATF standard and be able to approach the content from a different perspective. The goal is to make people understand the effect this standard can have on an organization’s results. Also, the goal is to bring more life into the (Tough) standard setting with fun examples they can associate themselves with.

For whom.

This webinar is intended for anyone in and who has an affinity for, the Automotive industry.


  • Intro to IATF16949
  • Intro to Core Tool within IATF: APQP
  • Highlights from the IATF standard
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A


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