Grant opportunities A+O Metalektro

Several of Symbol’s relations who are member companies of A+O Metalektro are taking advantage of subsidy opportunities for the use of Symbol’s services.

Grant opportunities for our in-house tracks and open training courses:

  1. Develop yourself: A+O reimburses external costs in the area of personal skills for employees at all levels in the organization. The reimbursement is 90% of the external costs up to a maximum of €1,000 per application.
  2. Individual development voucher worth €1,500 for:
    ◦ training activities
    ◦ coaching focused on your career
    ◦ training activities focused on your current position.
  3. Personal Training Budget: A+O will reimburse many of your education and training costs. Want to get started on your career? Then apply for your Personal Training Budget now! A+O provides you with a personal training budget (POB) of up to €1,500.

oZone is the e-learning platform for engineering:

Symbol has already been approached by several associates to help co-develop content for oZone. The relations hereby use the grant below.

Strategic learning and development: Is it clear in your organization what you want to achieve with training and development and what steps you can take to do this? Get the strategy and structure in place in your company and take learning and development in your company to the next level. Compensation of up to €15,000 can be obtained through A+O for this purpose. This fee can be used for the cost of an outside consulting firm, to free up internal capacity, or for a combination of both.

Want to know more?

Feel free to call us at 053 – 2030240 or leave your details using the form below! We are happy to think with you and have good contacts with A+O Metalektro.