Little time? Learn about the essence of Lean working and thinking

Last year we gave this webinar. Due to great interest, this webinar will be held again and on April 6. Also no time to read a good book about the profession? Then invest 1½ hours in this webinar and you will know all the ins and outs of the inspiring book “The Lean Manager.” This book is about the essentials of lean working and thinking. You can already think about the starting question of this webinar: Which of Toyota’s 14 management principles (see e.g., The Toyota Way – Wikipedia) is the most distinguishing principle from other management theories?

Webinar: the book 'the Lean Manager' in an hour and a half

Webinar content

In this interactive webinar you will get a summary of one of the leading books in the field of Lean Management “The Lean Manager”, where we will give you concrete ideas on how your organization can become more Lean. In the process, you will be challenged to reflect on the development of your own organization.


For whom

The webinar is intended for anyone who cares about Lean, wants to become a Lean Manager or just wants to challenge their manager to become a Lean Manager.


Missed the webinar?

This webinar has already taken place. If you missed it, you can still watch it via the button below.



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