8D, APQP, FMEA or Cpk? What does the client mean and what did I actually say “Yes” to?

Do you recognize the above questions or reflections? These questions are increasingly being asked of Symbol by associates. Various end customers in High Tech, Oil & Gas and Rail & Infra, among others, are increasingly using the quality techniques already successfully applied in the automotive industry. Their goal is to control quality in the supply chain so they can deliver First Time Right to their customers.


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    Symbol has seen in recent years that various companies face new demands from customers. It often starts with the request to handle complaints using the 8D technique and gradually various other questions follow to demonstrate how you as a supplier control the risks in the process (including FMEA) and what the capabilities of the process are (including Cpk). Actually, all these techniques and questions fall within the capstone called APQP: Advanced Product Quality Planning. The diagram below shows the 5 APQP phases your client and/or your organization goes through.

    automotive technologies


    Symbol’s experience is that several suppliers commit to the customer’s requirements, for example by applying 8D, providing a PPAP and applying Design FMEA. But if you commit to something, there is often no turning back. It is very important then that as a supplier you speak the same language as the customer and vice versa. If you do not understand each other well, then misunderstandings can quickly arise, making it very difficult to meet the set requirements.

    Do you have such quality issues? Symbol can help you!

    For years, Symbol has been the player within the automotive sector when it comes to techniques for controlling quality within the chain. With its distinctive, pragmatic approach, Symbol is also able to work with you to consider how these techniques can work successfully for you and for your client. The following are roles we have taken on in recent years:

    • APQP facilitator: so as to define the APQP process and establish where the customer handover takes place and what information you should then expect/require from the customer
    • FMEA facilitator: to perform successful FMEAs with the team, FMEAs that are not a client checklist, but actually work to control the process
    • Quality manager/engineer ad interim: bring in additional knowledge and capacity to speak the same language as the customer and gradually improve the organization.
    • (Supplier) auditor: in a supplier chain, it is important that the customer ensures that its suppliers can control the quality in the chain, so this obviously applies to your suppliers as well.
    • Trainer of relevant quality techniques in order to have the level of knowledge at the same level as the customer, so that you speak the same language as the customer.

    This blog was written by Dennis van Scherpenzeel, Business Development Manager at Symbol.

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