Operations for Investment Professionals

Establish potential from the first step you take in an unfamiliar operations environment. Learn to view operations from the perspective of safety, efficiency and behavioral influence. Assess the extent to which management can let go of day-to-day leadership. Thus, manage the risk that growth investments become turn-around investments.

Interactive session with practical examples

Learn to “read” each operations environment in an afternoon. Recognize daily routines and know how to use them to make improvements. Recognize where routines are missing and what this means for management’s ability to let go of daily direction.
Gain insight into the experience world of management teams in operations environments. Understand why Investment Professionals and management teams use the same words, yet don’t always seem to understand each other. Know what you can do to convey your insights in such a way that your interlocutors take action. We cover the above through practical examples and through discussion with Investment Professionals and Operation Specialists.

In doing so, build your ability to support management teams and achieve returns together.

Operations Investment


April 11, 2024

13:00 Start
  • What do you look for when touring operations?
  • How do operations work day-to-day?
  • How can you leverage operations as a value driver?
  • How do you get the board to move?
16:30 Closing and drinks

Join us on April 11, 2024


Opposite Amersfoort Central Station

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Bauke Vollebregt


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