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Municipality of Groningen – Transition into Continuous Improvement!

On June 4, Symbol will host a joint webinar with the Municipality of Groningen. This interactive session will focus on how to actually achieve sustainable results as an organization. Improving sometimes seems so simple, but then why don’t we get the desired results? What is the secret?

Continuous Improvement, according to Symbol, is the growth of process and people according to the maturity model (CIMM). The extent to which an organization moves and matures along the CIMM approach depends on how responsibilities are handled and communicated. The responsibility model (GRIP) was developed by Buro2.
In this webinar, partners Symbol and Buro2 outline how board, management and employees can work together to accelerate results. Here they share their experiences about this collaborative approach and are happy to take you through how you can help your organization improve faster and more efficiently.


1. Welcome by the Municipality of Groningen
Jeroen Bos – Process Innovation Advisor, Municipality of Groningen
2. How do we ensure that the organization gains and maintains direction?
Niels Heuthorst – Business Development Manager | Master Black Belt, Symbol
3. How do attitudes and behaviors of people relate to process according to CIMM?
Kel Verkooijen – Consultant | Master Black Belt, Symbol
4. How does the responsibility model GRIP work?
Martien Plasmeijer – Master squared thinker, Burokwadraat
5. Interactive session: sharing needs, knowledge and experiences.
6. How does CIMM and GRIP work in practice
Martien Plasmeijer & Kel Verkooijen
7. Feedback
Annemiek Verschuuren, Consultant, Symbol
7. Conclusions & conclusion
Jeroen Bos


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The webinar is fully booked. Unfortunately, registration is no longer possible.

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