Stand-up meetings! In many organizations, it is now a familiar phenomenon that replaces the classic, interminable and especially inefficient meeting that could sometimes literally last all morning, in which all the woes of yesterday’s day were named but not resolved….


The stand-up meeting: short, powerful, standing, visual with KPIs and action list

This is in contrast to the stand-up meeting, which is also called day start, daily review, board meeting or scrum meeting. The stand-up meeting is short but sweet, standing, visual, with KPIs and an action list.

Yet we see many organizations in which even the stand-up meeting does not produce the desired effect and (therefore) is seen by many as a waste of time. There is little improvement in results and the consultation does not contribute to the intended ownership of the employee. A missed opportunity…


How do you improve results using the stand-up meeting?

In the webinar, our consultant Arnold Verhagen goes into detail about the do’s and don’ts for the stand-up meeting. How to make sure you conduct this meeting successfully, effectively and efficiently. Instead of looking at the structure, set-up and rules of the meetings, we have identified the 10 biggest pitfalls in the behavior and culture surrounding the meetings. And, of course, we’ll give you practical tips on how to avoid falling into any of these pitfalls and instead realize the intended value.


For whom.

This webinar is intended for all employees and managers involved in stand-up meetings who dare to look in the mirror to scrutinize their own behavior during the stand-up meeting.



After attending this webinar, you will have tools to make the stand-up meeting a success, effectively and efficiently.


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