Take training safely in our virtual classroom now!

All of our Open Trainings can now be taken in the virtual classroom! If you provide a good Internet connection and a computer with a camera and microphone, we will provide the quality training you have come to expect from us.

Are you currently working at home? Or can you actually do very little because your work cannot be done from home? Then make a virtue of necessity and use the time ahead to develop personally. Below you will find a list of trainings starting and where you can join in a moment. You can find more information and sign up through the links. In the paragraphs below we give you some more information about the virtual training.

You can still join the trainings below!


How does it work?

Depending on the training, you will receive the materials digitally, or we will arrange for you to receive the materials at home well before the first day of class. Training days will include a number of online sessions, interspersed with time to work on assignments individually offline or in groups online. These will then be discussed again in plenary in the virtual classroom.

Return days in the fall

Because we cannot play some Lean and Six Sigma simulations, we are organizing a number of return days in the fall when we can still play these games. You are most welcome here. You will receive a separate invitation for this after the training. The days are part of the training and are therefore included in the price.

Exams online

You can also take the exam online. The LSSA offers a so-called Proctored exam, where surveillance is arranged online. The textbooks and handouts cover all the material needed to prepare you properly. In fact, the simulations are not necessary for the exam. We also offer you unlimited free online coaching. Do you have questions about the curriculum? Then join one of the regular online coaching sessions.

Learn more

Have questions? Then contact our training advisors at 053 – 20 30 240. They are happy to help you. We hope to see you in one of our (virtual) classrooms!

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