5 Tips to get more out of your Green Belt training!

Are you planning to take Green Belt training? Then herewith 5 tips to maximize the effect of training!

Tip 1. Start your Green Belt training with a project.

At the start of the training, make sure you have a project you want to tackle using the knowledge you gain in the training. This way you immediately put what you have learned into practice, add immediate value, and furthermore, you can discuss any obstacles with the instructor and the group.


Tip 2. Try to use tools as quickly as possible as often as possible.

Quickly master Lean and Six Sigma thinking and deploy tools as much as possible. This trains you and forces you to plan your projects.


Tip 3. Create a group of Green Belts inside or outside your organization to share ideas and issues.

This is how you accelerate your development. After all, sparring with others helps you improve your approach and master your bottlenecks faster.


Tip 4. Work with another Green Belts on the first two projects.

Don’t tackle your first two projects on your own but with a fellow Green Belt or someone from your training. This way it is easier to solve problems in the process and you can learn from each other.


Tip 5. Practice, practice and then practice!!!

That speaks for itself! Practice makes perfect. So put what you have learned into practice as much as possible. Make others share in your successes and, above all, don’t forget to celebrate them!


And the bonus tip…

Always include your supervisor and/or the management of your organization by telling them what Lean Six Sigma is and what important internal project you can use your new knowledge for. In doing so, immediately choose a project that really matters, is relevant and thus has support in the organization. So don’t choose a project that only you think is important and thus lacks support. Such projects are often doomed to failure.

We wish you much success in applying these tips. Nevertheless, should you still need help, you can always spar with one of our experienced trainers! If you want to share with like-minded people, you can also do so through our Lean Six Sigma LinkedIn group or during our Symbol Inspiration Days. Or call us at 053 – 20 30 240!

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