Development and entrepreneurship in corona time

Our consultant Niels Heuthorst (Master Black Belt) gives you some tips to get better out of corona time.


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    1. “Never waste a good crisis” – get our advice at no cost!

    In times of crisis, things change under pressure. Processes must align with that to achieve the results. Use process specialists to get your processes in order as quickly as possible with the people in the process. During a free one-hour consultation webinar, we would be happy to spar with you about the possibilities within your organization. The maximum impact of this advisory webinar is obtained by being well prepared, inviting your concerned colleagues to attend, and having your underlying data ready. Requesting this consultation webinar takes no time at all. We would love to help you!

    2. Responsibilities and kpi’s.

    During periods of uncertainty, everyone reacts in their own way. One shoots into action. The other overanalyzes and continues to weigh and weigh. Yet another is making plans. Or one becomes apathetic and comes to nothing. It becomes painfully clear how duties, responsibilities and authority are invested in the organization. Do they fit the overall structure and do they fit the individual characters? This is the time to do the analysis and properly allocate responsibilities within the structure in place (possibly to be modified).

    3. Train now

    Many organizations have literally sealed off large areas of their buildings. Certainly governments are setting an example by doing so. That is not to say that all the work actually goes on all from home. This may give you more time for training in order to be able to effectively use the extra knowledge acquired later. You are then in a much better position to effectively address the challenges in your organization. Our virtual training courses and, as of June 1, also return to classrooms within the applicable rules. Until Oct. 31, you can take advantage of attractive offers, such as Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training including an internationally recognized LSSA theory certificate or six months of online coaching.

    In short, even in these tough times, I am happy to help you improve your performance. As mentioned in the first point, “Never waste a good crisis,” make sure that your organization builds a sustainable advantage now, from which you will reap the benefits right away, but which will certainly make you more decisive later in a the recovering market.

    About Niels Heuthorst

    As an integration-focused change manager and consultant, Niels focuses on excelling operations, supply chain and staff functions in various industrial and service environments. Together with the client, he brings focus to the companies’ goals to achieve them through focused and streamlined processes. In doing so, he uses the 4 Disciplines of Execution, Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence and Theory of Constraints, among others.
    His experiences are within strategy development and deployment, demand planning, industrial sales and marketing, supply chain, procurement, manufacturing, real estate, facilities management, fleet, HR and organization. He lives process improvement and it is his strength to let the organization drive itself. He enjoys sharing his knowledge by providing training and workshops and working with the organization to improve processes. His favorite quote is, “Don’t blame the people, blame the process.”

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