What does a good Lean or Lean Six Sigma improvement project meet?

Our experienced trainer and consultant, Master Black Belt, Joris van Solt discusses ten relevant criteria for a good project in a series of blogs. In any case, the advice to participants in our Lean and Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt training courses is to already choose a project to pick up during the training.

I advise participants in our Lean and/or Lean Six Sigma training courses to come to the training with a project. This is because if you apply what you learn right away you are going to understand it better and be able to remember it more easily. But unfortunately, I often hear that it has not worked out and it is sometimes difficult to find a good project.

10 points to help you choose a good project

A major reason for this is that it is not clear what a good project might be. Therefore, I will name the 10 components of a good project below. In subsequent blogs, one of the points will be explained each time.

  1. There is an important problem
  2. The cause of the problem is not known
  3. There is priority
  4. The scope is small
  5. There is only 1 measurable improvement goal
  6. There are experts on the project team
  7. There is a will and support to improve
  8. There is a will to follow the structure
  9. The Champion knows his role
  10. It is not an unsolvable problem

Keep following this page. In subsequent blogs, one of the points will be explained each time.

Need help?

If you need help in selecting or implementing your project or would like to be advised on how to improve any of the above points in your project, please contact us, using the form below or call us at 053 – 20 30 240

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