Operational Management 4.0

  • A huge acceleration in the process of continuous improvement


In many companies, the daily Standup meeting now takes place around a whiteboard and often supported by underlying excel sheets. Logistics and operational performance are printed and hung on the whiteboard, with the disadvantage that the data are already out of date by the time they are printed.

Operational Management 4.0 introduces you to a modern way of conducting the daily standup meeting and performance management.

A large touchscreen displays all operational data. The systems can connect to the entire production device, as well as to other devices such as tablets and smartphones. This offers tremendous acceleration in the process of continuous improvement.


Daily startups via Microsoft Planner and Teams

  • Actions from day starts, gemba walks and project meetings are all tracked in Microsoft Planner.
  • Planner provides one central place for organizing and managing consultations.
  • With day starts, for example, you can have a set consultation structure and ensure that the right documentation is always available. Then, in planner, you can assign actions to colleagues with an Office account. These are conveniently displayed.


Real time performance management through PowerBI

PowerBI is the next step in data visualization. The major advantage of PowerBI over regular Excel analysis is that PowerBI can combine several large data sets in real time into dashboards. Different cross-sections of the same data can be created in different layers of the organization. So you have the right steering information, at the right time, in the right place.


Full Microsoft and Office 365 integration

The above applications are not new. Software tools for this type of system have been around for years. But what makes this different? The big advantage is that Planner, PowerBI and Teams are easy to integrate with existing software. Links to various data layers, as well as Outlook and SharePoint, are easy to create and provide consistency in the software architecture. Maintenance and further expansion of the system are also relatively easy.


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► We help organize these day starters

► We help define the steering information for operational management

► We help with the relationship between steering information and actions in the day-starts


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