Organizations in elder and nursing care face enormous challenges. In recent years, all the changes in healthcare have regularly dominated the news. Quality in health care has been under pressure for years due to various causes. Yet care needs to be more efficient, better and cheaper. A challenging fact. In short, how can we ensure future quality in care at manageable costs?

How does a healthcare organization set up the organization accordingly? And how does a healthcare organization deal with these changes? How will self-directed/self-organizing teams be implemented? How does collaboration, often in chains, take place? And how are healthcare organizations responding to the ever-changing demands of clients? With tangible results. Not only now, but also in the future.

Symbol’s consultants/trainers are happy to address these issues with your healthcare organization. Because of a combination of years of experience and broad knowledge of developments within healthcare organizations, Symbol is a leader in the field of Continuous Improvement. Through a combination of coaching, mentoring and training, we support healthcare organizations in optimizing processes. It is precisely by inspiring management and employees that we set the organization in motion together with clients.

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