Housing Associations

The core mission of housing associations, including in the coming years, remains providing housing to people who need it. Corporations want to actively respond with chain partners to trends such as dichotomy, longer home living, extramuralization and the influx of refugees.

Together with partners, the corporations identify bottlenecks early and address them. Corporations, together with social partners, are eager to enter into discussions with the (national) government about a more future-proof housing market with the commitment of a housing and rental policy on the right scale. A huge challenge. In short, the core mission remains the same but the changes are great.

How does a housing corporation set up the organization accordingly? And how does a housing association deal with these changes? How will the social role be fulfilled, together with chain partners? How does that collaboration take place? And how are housing associations responding to people’s ever-changing demands? With tangible results. Not only now, but also in the future.

Symbol’s consultants/trainers are happy to address these issues with your housing association. Because of a combination of years of experience and broad knowledge of developments within housing associations, Symbol is a leader in the field of Continuous Improvement. Through a combination of coaching, mentoring and training, we support housing associations in optimizing processes. It is precisely by inspiring management and employees that we set the organization in motion together with clients.

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