Municipalities face enormous challenges. As a result of budget cuts, stricter laws and regulations, the transfer of tasks from the central government to municipalities and an aging population, better and more efficient services to residents and businesses is a high priority for many municipalities.

Developments within municipalities increasingly demand clear processes, rethinking one’s role, increasing professionalism and improving efficiency.

How does a municipality set up the organization accordingly? And how does a municipality deal with these changes? How does a municipality arrive at a new service concept that puts quality and flexibility first? How does a congregation get to making fewer mistakes. And how does a municipality accelerate the turnaround time of processes to meet the changing demands of residents and businesses? With tangible results. Not only now, but also in the future.

Together with you, we will be happy to conduct an assessment that reveals your organization’s development points. Interestad in a quick look? Then take the free organizational scan. The result is a practical overview with aspects where your organization scores well and where your organization can develop.

Symbol’s consultants/trainers are happy to address these issues with your congregation. Because of a combination of years of experience and broad knowledge of developments within municipalities, Symbol is a leader in the field of Continuous Improvement. Through a combination of coaching, guidance and training, we support municipalities in optimizing processes. It is precisely by inspiring management and employees that we set the organization in motion together with clients.

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Specific projects

Symbol guides municipalities in Lean transformations and other projects that aim to improve the organization and/or develop its employees. Use the button below to read the experiences of other municipalities.

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