Why EcoDesign?

EcoDesign stands for sustainable product development. This method of product development meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs as well. EcoDesign is no longer a choice but a must for many organizations due to the current climate crisis and ever-rising commodity prices.

EcoDesign combines the worlds of design and sustainable development. Sustainable products and services minimize negative environmental impacts and maximize positive environmental impacts, throughout the life cycle of a product or solution, while continuing to meet expectations and requirements. Our consultants David van Eekhout and Mathijs Rietveld will take you through the developments in EcoDesign and give you insight into what EcoDesign can contribute in your organization.


For whom.

This webinar is designed for anyone in industry and automotive who wants to learn about the power and necessity of EcoDesign. For example, we mention product and innovation managers and those working on product and/or service development or working in QHSE roles and/or doing process improvement in general.



In this webinar, we take you through how we apply EcoDesign to clients, and how EcoDesign can contribute in your organization.



The webinar includes the following topics:

  • Introduction David van Eekhout and Mathijs Rietveld
  • Background sustainability
  • The ‘Orange’ case
  • EcoDesign tools
  • LiDS Wheel
  • Completion


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