eLearning has fantastic benefits. Not for nothing are more and more organizations choosing online learning. eLearning makes learning easier and more efficient. Commonly heard benefits, of course, are the price and the flexibility of learning at your convenience. However, there are not only individual benefits; the organization can also benefit.

We have gained a tremendous amount of online experience over the past few years. The corona pandemic has forced us to work but also to learn remotely. As a result, many learning elements and methodologies have now been developed and can be distinguished within online learning. So to stay flexible and current, you need to consider whether and in what form eLearning is for you or your organization.


eLearning for you as an individual and for your organization

Of course, by taking an eLearning you can improve your personal skills in an approachable way. But you can also use eLearning strategically and grow as an organization. In this webinar, Dick Theisens introduces you to eLearning principles. What learning elements and methodologies exist? What works and what doesn’t? When is eLearning appropriate to take individually, for example, because you want to learn about continuous improvement and improve yourself and your organization. And when exactly can eLearning be used strategically well, for example to embed continuous improvement permanently into the foundation of your organization.


Tips & tricks for following an eLearning

Are there any drawbacks to taking an eLearning? Dick takes you through common objections, for example, lack of personal guidance from an instructor, lack of contact with fellow students or lack of discipline to complete the training. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to this! He will share them all with you!


For whom.

This webinar is intended for anyone who doubts whether taking an eLearning is a good idea and for those who wonder what strategic benefits can be gained from using eLearnings company-wide, e.g. boards of directors, (HR) managers and staff, executives and employees who (want to) engage in continuous improvement.



After attending this webinar, you will know if and how eLearning can contribute to your personal and business goals.


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