During this webinar, Sjoerd Remmers (Training & Education team leader at Normec Foodcare) and Arnold Verhagen (trainer / consultant at Symbol) make the connection between the certification of quality systems in the food sector and the introduction of TPM, Lean or Six Sigma. We see that at many companies in the food sector these are two separate routes. Partly as a result of customer requirements, a lot of effort is being put into ISO, BRC, IFS or FSSC certifications. In addition, the organization is often busy implementing programs such as Continuous Improvement with TPM, Lean or Six Sigma. For this purpose, for example, day starts are organized and improvement projects are developed. While a well-functioning Continuous Improvement system is a requirement for certification.


Put the combination

We see problems in practice when these pathways are organized separately from one another. First, working on two parallel trajectories takes extra energy. In addition, the Quality Department (responsible for certification) is often insufficiently aware of efforts around Continuous Improvement. Third, we see in the implementation of Continuous Improvement that insufficient account is taken of the requirements for this from food certification.


Standards and Continuous Improvement in practice

In this webinar, Sjoerd explains what is required in the ISO, BRC, IFS and FSSC standards regarding Continuous Improvement. Arnold then explains from the CIMM model in which phase of Continuous Improvement the requested aspects are addressed. Then we cover some actual customer cases, showing how it works in practice.


For whom

This webinar is intended for any professional involved in the implementation of quality systems or continuous improvement programs. For quality employees, quality assurance managers and continuous improvement specialists in food.



Insight into the requirements of quality systems in food related to Continuous Improvement; tools for implementing the required tools; tips for combining certification and Continuous Improvement.



After attending this webinar, you will have insight into the requirements of quality systems in the food industry with regard to Continuous Improvement, you will have concrete guidance on how to implement the required tools and you will have tips for combining certification and Continuous Improvement.



The program will be a varied event that will focus on the standards within the food sector and practical continuous improvement projects tailored to them, including customer cases and real-life examples.


Missed the webinar?

Did you miss the webinar? We offer you the opportunity to watch the replay here. To do so, click on the link below.



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