During this unique webinar, director Dick Theisens and managing consultant Henk Broekman take you into the world of continuous improvement, Lean, Six Sigma and change management! We see that in companies, many improvement initiatives die a quiet death or do not have the lasting impact that is desired. Therefore, Dick starts with Strategy Development, how do you arrive at one clear direction and determine focus? Henk then explains, using a practical case, how you can arrive at a concrete plan of action from a focus using the CIMM model.

Afterwards you will have the opportunity to complete the CIMM™ scan for your own organization…AND Symbol offers half an hour of one-on-one coaching to discuss the results. If you have become enthusiastic, we would love to take up the challenge with you to make your and your organization’s ambition a reality. Step by step we take you through the transition process; from strategy to Plan of Action, from plan of action to accomplishment!


For whom

This webinar is intended for management and middle managers who are shaping (improvement) strategies and employees engaged in continuous improvement within this strategy.



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The webinar will take place on Sept. 24 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. and is free of charge.


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