Before organizations can embark on process improvement programs such as Lean and Six Sigma, it is imperative that a good foundation be laid. The basic principle of the first level of the Continuous Improvement Maturity Model (CIMM) includes a safe and organized work environment, reliable equipment and standardized work (clear procedures, work instructions and protocols). This foundation provides a solid foundation for all future initiatives and improvement programs.


But what is a good foundation? And is success guaranteed when we have good standards?

In this webinar, David van Eekhout and Yvar van de Kraats take you through what a good foundation means for an organization. We show good examples of different standards and training, and tell you what pitfalls to avoid.



Upon completion of the webinar, you will have gained insight into what “getting the basics right” means for organizations and how these basics can create benefits within your organization.


For whom

The webinar is intended for anyone involved in continuous improvement.


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