On November 3, 2020, Metaalunie is hosting an online meeting on Lean and QRM, Quick Response Manufacturing, exclusively for its members from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

The corona crisis has a major impact on our society, and with it, on your business, your customers and employees. Much more than we first thought can be done digitally or online, and globalization is no longer a magic word. It is still difficult to estimate exactly what the impact will be, what is certain is that it is wise to think again about how we can organize our companies and the chains in which we operate effectively and efficiently to counterbalance increasing competition internationally.

This webinar will focus on QRM, reducing lead time. QRM can be applied in the office environment as well as in the workplace. New techniques, for example in the field of smart industry, can accelerate the effect of QRM and take it to a higher level.

But it doesn’t come to you. Competing at speed is top sport: not only your product, but also your organization and people must be in constant motion. It is about a rapidly changing market, producing small series flexibly and still working efficiently.



This online session will include three pillars: ‘Standardize and Optimize’ by Paul Hartgers (PKM), ‘Innovate’ by Mark Peters (IJssel) and ‘Organizational Change’ by Dick Theisens (Symbol). And Siemen Fuite of Verbruggen Palletizing will take you through the practical application of QRM.


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