During this webinar, we’ll introduce you to OBM, or Organizational Behavior Management. OBM is an application of behavior analysis within an organization that aims to improve organizational performance by positively influencing employee behavior. When we talk about continuous improvement, employee behavior is a key element for a project or change to succeed. As many as 70% of all organizational change programs fail to meet their stated goals. In 60% of those cases, “behavior” is identified as the main failure factor.

In short, therefore, it does not work well to get employees to do what is desirable from the standpoint of a change program as a result of a new organizational direction, for example. To make its improvement programs even more successful, Symbol has now added Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) to its extensive portfolio. Symbol offers both training and coaching for OBM. In this webinar, our consultant Arnold Verhagen takes you through what OBM can do for your organization.


What is OBM

‘Organizational Behavior Management,’ or OBM for short, is an evidence-based approach that enables organizations to develop employee behavior in a positive way that makes a transformation successful. So this offers enormous potential for organizations. The core of OBM is that it makes behavior measurable. This takes OBM a step further than other methods that stop at setting KPIs and (personal) goals. Or, as Aubrey C. Daniels – one of the founders of OBM – puts it, “Business is Behavior.”



Upon completion of the webinar, you will have gained an understanding of what OBM is and in what ways the methodology can create benefits within your organization.


For whom

The webinar is intended for anyone involved in continuous improvement and especially for manager, executives and HR staff.



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