Our world hangs together with data. To assess processes and performance, we rely on kpi’s. To understand the potential for improvement in our processes, we study the processes and underlying parameters based on measurements. Ideally, we support our decisions with data to take out the emotion. Our experienced specialists discuss the how and why of Measurement System Analysis (MSA).


How reliable is the data from our measurements?

Can we even trust the data from our measurements? How do we know if the measurements are precise enough and stable? Can we say something about the quality of the measurements so that we can be sure that the measurements tell us something about ACTUALITY (situation/process)? Is Measurement System Analysis (MSA) only for quality departments in industry or rather much more broadly applicable and also in service environments?



The purpose of this webinar is to increase understanding of MSA and the need for it.


For whom.

This webinar is intended for anyone who works with data to draw conclusions from it, such as process improvers and managers. Prior statistical knowledge is not necessary.



After a general introduction about data usage and MSA, Niels Heuthorst and Marijn Koel will take you through the different types of MSA. They will share their own experiences with examples from the steel, chemical and government industries. There will be room for Q&A at the end of the webinar.


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