About a hundred years ago, statistical methods were already being developed to monitor the quality of industrial products. SPC stands for Statistical Process Control, or, in Dutch, Statistical Process Control. In the control phase of your Six-Sigma project, this technique is used to monitor and control the process. The goal of SPC is to obtain a controlled process by continuously reducing variation using statistical techniques. Because reducing variation leads to better quality, lower costs (waste, scrap, rework, claims, etc) as well as more insight into the capability of the process. But how does SPC help you get a stable process?


In this webinar, our experienced Master Black Belt Ed van Deenen takes you through the concept of SPC. How do you detect unusual variation? At what stages of a project do you apply SPC? How do you handle SPC control charts and determine control limits?


For whom.

This webinar is designed for process improvement practitioners who want to use statistical techniques to improve the output of a process. Some experience with statistics is therefore desirable.



After attending this webinar, you will have gained inspiration and techniques to recognize opportunities for static process control within your own organization and be able to apply SPC at a simple level yourself.


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This webinar has already taken place. Did you miss it? Then watch the recording of the webinar here using the button below. If you still have questions after viewing, we are of course happy to help. You can reach us at 053 – 20 30 240.



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