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My ambition as a consultant is to help companies achieve their goals by optimizing business processes and innovating where appropriate.
I know what it takes to turn theoretical data and models into real-world results. I am broadly interested, but I am good at focusing and getting stuck into a case to reach a solution.

Bringing the human aspect to the fore, in order to create overall involvement and support within the company, is what energizes me. Cooperation in the purest sense of the word.

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Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Yellow Belt Training

Realize improvements in your own work environment and make valuable contributions to larger Lean or Six Sigma projects. Lean (Six Sigma) Yellow Belt training can be taken online or in class.

Lean Orange Belt Training

As an Orange Belt, you will be a team leader on improvement projects in your immediate work environment. You will also contribute constructively as a team member to larger Green- or Black Belt projects. Check out the options.

Lean Green Belt Training

Symbol Green Belt training courses train you to become a Lean or Lean Six Sigma specialist in executing complex improvement projects. As a Green Belt, you will soon be improving operational processes as well as quality.

Lean Black Belt Training

In the Lean or Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training, you will be trained to become an expert who can turn an improvement strategy into a concrete plan of action. You will discover a comprehensive set of Lean and Six Sigma techniques that will soon allow you to analyze processes differently.

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