Lean Yellow Belt training

As a Lean Yellow Belt, you will work independently to solve problems in your own work environment or as a team member in a larger Lean or Six Sigma project.
2 days
All levels
LSSA Certificate

Lean Yellow Belts work to achieve improvements in their own work environment

The Lean Yellow Belt is familiar with Lean principles, Lean techniques such as 5S and continuous improvement using the Kaizen approach (PDCA). As a Lean Yellow Belt, you work independently to solve problems in your own work environment. The Lean Yellow Belt also participates as a team member in larger Lean or Six Sigma projects.

If an organization decides to implement Lean Six Sigma company-wide, large groups of employees will often be trained at the Yellow Belt level to create a strong foundation. Yellow Belts have extensive experience with day-to-day processes and for that reason are well able to carry out Kaizen projects independently. The Yellow Belt is also a valuable team member within Green or Black Belt projects.

Yellow Belts are often responsible for improving operational performance within a particular department or line. This could include reducing lead times, solving problems or improving quality. Activities may be related to 5S, implement visual management techniques, contribute to the development of work processes and standards or they participate in brainstorming sessions.

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For whom

Yellow Belt training is widely taken by employees who are directly or indirectly involved in process improvement or working more efficiently. This training is suitable for any level of education.


After this training you will be familiar with Kaizen and Lean methodologies. You are able to effectively address problems in your own environment using accessible Lean techniques. Consider workplace organization (5S), shortening lead times and solving quality problems. In addition, as a team member in a larger Lean or Six Sigma project, you can contribute fully because you know the language and approach.

Study load Yellow Belt training

This Yellow Belt training course lasts for 2 days. You take the training either in class or virtually. You should also allow for approximately 16 hours of self-study to read through the Lean Yellow Belt book (from the Climbing the Mountain series) and the handouts you will receive with this training.


2 days of training, classroom, virtual or hyflex (decide for each day of training whether to take the day on-site or in the virtual classroom). On Day 2, training ends at 2 p.m.

Enrollment opportunities

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Through an interactive program, you will gain an understanding of the basic concepts and techniques of Lean. We do this by using a Lean game to let you experience for yourself the results of using the Lean principles. In industry training, we simulate an aircraft factory. For Services, we use an “Office game. Finally, when everyone’s eyes are opened, you are able to name what this means for your own work and work environment.

  • Lean principles
  • Project Management (PDCA & DMAIC).
  • Identify the eight wastes (Waste).
  • 5S workplace organization
  • Visual Management
  • Process Mapping & Introduction to Value Stream Mapping
  • Kaizen continuous improvement
  • Basic tools (including Ishikawa, Pareto and Cause & Effect)
  • Voice Of Customer & CTQ Flowdown

Other interesting trainings

After completing this Lean Yellow Belt training, you can attend higher-level training, where you will gain knowledge of even more useful and practical Lean Six Sigma techniques. Consider the following trainings:

Webinars and events

We regularly organize events and webinars where we inspire you as a Lean Yellow Belt with the latest developments and tips for applying Lean in practice. These events are mostly free of charge for our relations. This page lists upcoming Lean and Six Sigma events and webinars. Feel free to sign up for this!

Subsidy on training

Interesting subsidies are available for training courses. This is also the case for this Lean Yellow Belt training, whether you take this training in-company or in the open schedule. If you would like to learn more about grant opportunities for this training, please contact us.


In the open schedule, the Yellow Belt training is held in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Groningen, Eindhoven and Enschede, among other locations.

Yellow Belt training courses are also often conducted in-company, particularly when continuous improvement is being boosted and it has been decided to implement Lean organization-wide.

Your investment

In the Open schedule, this 2 day Lean Yellow Belt training costs € 795,- p.p. The second day ends at 2:00 pm.

This price includes:

  • Book ‘Climbing the Mountain’ Yellow Belt
  • Associated exercise book
  • Training manual containing all presentations
  • Templates
  • Lean quartet game
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Lunch
  • Participation in inspiration days

Prices quoted do not include 21% VAT. Invoicing to individuals is also possible with 0% VAT.


Organize this Lean Yellow Belt training as a group within your own organization.

Price on request

This training is mostly conducted in-company. This takes one or two concrete problems of the organization during the training as a starting point. In many cases, therefore, a third day is attached to the training. Contact us for options by calling 053-2030240 or using our contact form.

Internationally recognized certificate

By default, all trainees receive a certificate of participation. In addition, we offer the opportunity to earn an internationally recognized certificate for the Lean Yellow Belt training. To this end, we partner with the LSSA (Lean Six Sigma Academy). The exam is in Dutch.

Symbol is a so-called ATO (Accredited Training Organization). Therefore, you can register directly with us.


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