A good improvement project improves an important problem?

Our experienced trainer and consultant, Master Black Belt, Joris van Solt discusses ten relevant criteria for a good project in a series of blogs. In any case, the advice to participants in our Lean and Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt training courses is to already choose a project to pick up during the training.

In the previous article , I promised to explain the 10 points of a good project. Below I address the first point:

There is an important problem.

So the problem underlying an improvement project must be important. But when is a problem important enough? Usually when a lot of money is involved or a large and/or important customer must be retained. Quality may also need to be increased to reach or maintain a higher market segment. In short, the problem is important enough if solving and improving it is important to the survival of the organization.

In doing so, an improvement project must be in line with the organization’s long-term vision and strategy.

Check the relevance of the problem beforehand

If the above rules are not met, the improvement project is not important enough and project members will not be able and willing to commit time to the project. Maybe in the beginning, but gradually you will see that other, more important issues, tasks and projects will start demanding time from you and your team members. At best, the project progress of your project will be slower and slower if it does not come to a halt already.

So you will have to question your own supervisor, the Champion (the problem owner) and the other Stakeholders about how high on your priority list the improvement project will be according to them. If this is not at the top of your activity list, that is a signal that it is not very important.

Can we help you?

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