Problem solving

“Our customers are not satisfied”; “We suffer a lot of rejects and incidents”; “Our suppliers deliver outside specification”; “We can’t get this process under control”; “We are afraid of losing our business”; “How do we convert the data to information?” Tackle your problems effectively with Problem solving methodology.

Solve it through Problem solving!

Customers are increasingly demanding or dissatisfied. Technical specifications hit the limits of what is physically feasible. The ppm ratios that are still acceptable are getting stricter, and claims are looming if we cannot meet them. The release of a new product requires more and more testing and release documentation. Sometimes, as an organization, you suffer from persistent problems in the operational process. At the edges of specifications, products are rejected. Sometimes a machine or production line doesn’t deliver what you expected. Perhaps you have problems with a specific technical process.

Problem sovling

Expert help

Our team of Master Black Belts, Data Scientists and Young Professionals have extensive experience in solving both logistical and technical problems. Whether it’s fixing rejects or reducing lead times or making a vision system operational. This includes looking at techniques such as Design of Experiments, Risk Analysis (FMEA), Data Science, Process Mining and Robotics Process Automation.

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