Project realization

“We want to scale up our production”; “We want to reduce our operating costs”; “Our lead times are way too long”; “Our inventory positions are too high”; “A new product needs to be released”; “We can’t get this new machine to work”. Just a few examples where project realization plays an important role.

Project realization as an engine for implementation

Having trouble realizing projects? Our Master Black Belts have extensive experience in coaching Green and Black Belts in their project execution. But for some projects, it is important to have an experienced project manager driving the project and there is a need for solid project management. Sometimes extra capacity is needed, and sometimes specific expertise is needed. Our interim professionals have completed dozens of projects themselves. We give your projects extra power and speed.

Project realization

Experts in the implementation and realization of projects

Our experts have extensive experience in project management, such as in starting up new production lines, driving a Lean transformation and solving persistent quality problems. We work with professionals who have knowledge and experience in a number of specific sectors. For example, we might support a healthcare institution with setting up daily standup meetings, set up a Corona test lane for a GGD, help a housing corporation reduce maintenance costs, help a food concern optimize their production processes and solve problems with a vision system for an automotive company. We provide the specialist who speaks your language, understands your organization and solves your problems.

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