The Netherlands is the third largest chemical country in Europe, therefore the chemical sector makes a major contribution to the Dutch economy, also in terms of knowledge the Netherlands is among the top in the chemical field. The industry itself has drawn up a feasible picture of the chemical sector in 2030. Having a sustainable competitive advantage is very important in the international playing field. An efficiently organized organization plays an important role in this.

Together with you, we identify the strategic areas for improvement within your organization through an assessment and ensure a better return by implementing sustainable improvements. Symbol’s unique consulting approach leads to lasting impact in the areas of profitability, customer satisfaction and/or employee satisfaction. You can get a preview in the form of a free organizational scan by clicking the button below.

The chemical industry in the Netherlands is moving full speed ahead with a transition to a low-carbon industry (source: VNCI). Thereby, within the sector, ambitious innovation, cost reduction and sustainability are central. The intended development has positive implications not only for the sector itself, but also for society’s transition to a low carbon, high quality of life, circular economy.

To shape these developments, the chemical industry is constantly looking for new products and techniques for a sustainable future. Science and innovation in virtually every sector are central to this. Scientific research allows us to improve our daily products in performance and sustainability.

Symbol’s consultants assist the chemical industry in implementing projects that are dedicated to a sustainable future. Symbol’s high level of knowledge challenges the industry and its employees to apply techniques such as Lean Six Sigma and big data analytics leading to a reliable process resulting in profit maximization and cost reduction. In short, Symbol provides sustainable improvement with efficiency. Interestad in a quick look? Then take the free organizational scan. The result is a practical overview with aspects where your organization scores well and where your organization can develop.

Specific improvement projects

Symbol assists organizations with implementing relevant projects such as:

  • Working with plant management to define strategic projects such as, for example: fouling
  • prevention, operational reliability, manufacturing intelligence, energy optimization, waste reduction, product development & qualification.
  • Rolling out TPM, Lean and/or Six Sigma within an organization
  • Coaching Green and Black Belts to successfully execute strategic breakthrough projects
  • Performing data analysis to control the process by performing e.g. feasibility
  • Study or implement process and product measurement systems (MSA).
  • Implementing and successfully setting up FMEA, MSA, SPC and 8D.

Develop competencies within your organization with specific trainings

In achieving a culture of continuous improvement, it is important to look at the competencies of employees in this. After all, the right knowledge is indispensable for efficiently identifying and implementing improvements. In addition to Lean and Lean Six Sigma training, Symbol provides specific training such as Big Data analytics, Agile Project management, MSA, FMEA, SPC and 8D. Or click on the button below for an overview of all the trainings we can organize for you.

Read about the experiences of our relations

Symbol has extensive experience in successfully executing projects and providing training in the chemical sector. On this page you will find descriptions of some of the projects Symbol has carried out in the chemical sector.

Lots of expertise within our organization

Our consultants have written a number of specific white papers on topics applicable to the chemical industry, among others. Through the button below you will find all the blogs and white papers we have collected. Within this, you can use the menu to make a further selection by theme.

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