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Netherlands-Transportland. Along with Germany, the Netherlands is one of the best transportation countries in Europe. Our central location and the international nature of our economy guarantee a competitive market position worldwide.

Improve the efficiency of your organization

The Netherlands has a good road and rail network, a major airport and, last but not least, a good waterway network. However, all these things are no longer enough to permanently compete at the top level. Efficient processes within organizations are critical to maintaining this top position in the coming years.

In a relatively short time, many new challenges have emerged. Just think one of green city distribution, smart warehouses, even faster delivery, ever-decreasing margins due to pressure on selling prices, resistance to landscape dumbing down, road safety and bicycle couriers. But also the continuous quest to respond to laws and regulations where safety and the environment are concerned, expansion, innovation and the utilization of resources are on the agenda at many organizations active in Transport, Trade and Logistics.

Symbol has already helped numerous organizations within this industry improve processes. Symbol is also the right party when it comes to increasing your customer satisfaction, making your data transparent, and lowering your lead times.

Specific improvement projects

Symbol assists organizations with implementing relevant projects such as:

  • Set up preconditions for 5S implementation & 5S training
  • Apply CIMM model (Contiuous Improvent Maturity Model) to see where a company stands in terms of processes and organization
  • Data science: Advice and insight into data with the use of our data analytics experts. Examples include fuel costs, utilization rates of transportation assets and developing dashboards for quick insights into business processes
  • Improving performance dialogue
  • Performance of Lean Implementation Scan or GAP analyses and advice + guidance on their implementation
  • Providing (temporary) capacity, at multiple levels and many types of positions. Think Quality Engineers, Process Engineers, as well as Supply Chain Managers

Develop competencies within your organization with specific trainings

Not only do processes play a role in optimizing improvements. Organizational culture and change readiness among employees are also important factors. Knowledge is then indispensable. In addition to Lean and Lean Six Sigma training, Symbol provides specific training such as Big Data analytics, Agile Project management and Scrum Master, MSA, FMEA, SPC and 8D. Or click on the button below for an overview of all the trainings we can organize for you. These trainings can also be tailored to your needs after we jointly analyze the training needs.

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Read about the experiences of our relations

Symbol has extensive experience in successfully executing projects and providing training in the transportation and logistics industry. Improvement projects have also been implemented within the transportation and logistics sector, for example at Penske and TakeAway.

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Our consultants have written a number of specific white papers on topics applicable in these, among others. Through the button below you will find all the blogs and white papers we have collected. Within this, you can use the menu to make a further selection by theme.

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