Supplier development

“We want to bring our auditor to a higher level”; “Our suppliers cause our production problems”; “Our suppliers do not understand our specifications”; “We want to establish a system of supplier evaluation”; “The delivery reliability of our partners is insufficient.”

Problems in in-house production are all too often caused by the supply chain. We ourselves face stringent demands from our customers, and we in turn transfer those demands to our suppliers and partners. We ourselves are training people to become Green Belt and Black Belt, but our suppliers are lagging behind. As a result, we regularly experience rejects and disruptions, which can be traced back to problems at our suppliers.

Legislative or OEM requirements are passed on to partners and suppliers in the supply chain. Ultimately, all links in the supply chain face the increasing demands of the ultimate OEM or customer to a greater or lesser extent. An effective way to ensure quality is to conduct inspections and audits. These can be internal audits done by our own employees or external audits by certified bodies or by auditors from customers. In many industries such as automotive, aviation, healthcare and food, among others, conducting audits by outside parties is very common. Symbol has extensive experience in training auditors, as well as conducting and supporting audits (internal and external) and Supplier development.