Smart Industry, digital innovation, big data… Just a few terms that, if the IT sector is to be believed, you can’t miss to survive. Globally, the term Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, is often used for this. In recent years, this term has changed from buzz word with an uncertain future to a serious production concept adopted by an increasing number of companies. We, too, are finding that more and more of our associates are engaged in implementing Industry 4.0 or aspects of it. But we also see organizations struggling with the transition process or even hesitating to implement Industry 4.0 at all.

Four interesting workshops in cooperation with LeanForms and Bosch Rexroth

That’s why Symbol, in collaboration with LeanForms, is organizing a unique event on the theme of Industry 4.0. Four interesting workshops were organized. There is room in the program to attend three of them. You choose which ones those are on the day. So you can experience for yourself in our Smart Experience Center how to digitize processes and how to manage by data. Our partner LeanForms shows you how to work smarter and more effectively with digital forms. Symbol is hosting a workshop that looks at the steps an organization takes in the process of continuous improvement.



After this event, you will have an understanding of the benefits of working according to Lean principles. In addition, we inspire you with the possibilities of Industry 4.0: what digitization possibilities in your quality system are there and how can you control automatically generated and digitized data from your processes.


For whom

Operation Managers, Directors, QSHE and KAM Managers in industry, automotive, construction, logistics and technical services who want to learn more about the transition to Industry 4.0.



Because we expect a lot of interest, we are organizing this event on two days. You can sign up either by Wednesday, May 11 (using the form at the bottom of this page) or Thursday, June 30.



As mentioned, four workshops will be given by the various parties.

Workshop A: Organizational Development with CIMM (Symbol)
In this workshop we will provide insight and examples of the roadmap to take your organization to an ever-higher level. First, we build a solid foundation and make sure all employees are on board. Depending on the vision and on the organization, we provide suitable methods and resources in various phases to make the continuous improvement process really work.

Workshop B: Try before you fly (LeanForms)
This workshop is about standardization in processes and workflow management. Anton Schaerlaeckens (founder LeanForms) talks about his experiences with support from traditional ICT departments. But also the transformation from a formal, rigid ISO quality management which did not work in practice to a practical form of work with numerous Lean principles. A true business management system that does work and initiates continuous improvement almost automatically

Workshop C: The Lean Experience Made SMART (Symbol)
This workshop will introduce you to the first steps in Industry 4.0. In fact, Symbol has a unique Lean Experience Center where, through RFID sensors and special software, data from the process is automatically recorded. Process Mining (DISCO) is used to visually map the logistical data of the process. In this way, insight is provided into processing times, waiting times, inventories and other waste in the process. This approach supports a modern way of analysis and continuous improvement.

Workshop D: Continuous improvement with Industry 4.0 (Symbol and Bosch Rexroth)
In many companies, the daily standup meeting now takes place around a whiteboard. Logistics and operational performance are printed and hung on the whiteboard, with the disadvantage that the data are already out of date by the time they are printed. This workshop will introduce you to a modern way of performance management. We will show you various systems, including Bosch Rexroth’s interactive Active Cockpit , real-time process information with PowerBI and digital daily startups via Planner. A large touchscreen displays all operational data. The systems can connect to the entire production device, as well as to other devices such as tablets and smart phones. This offers tremendous acceleration in the process of continuous improvement.



After a plenary welcome, you will be divided into groups, each following a workshop in parallel. So the order in which you attend the workshops varies, depending on the group you are in. Finally, there will be a networking reception. The time schedule is shown below:

09:15 -09:45: Walk-in and Reception.

09:45-10:00: Welcome

10:00-11:15: Workshop round 1

11:15-11:30: Break

11:30-12:45: Workshop round 2

12:45-13:30: Lunch

13:30-14:45: Workshop round 3

15:00-15:30: Wrap-up and closing.

15:30-16:30: Networking drinks



We would like to introduce you to our vision of digitization within industrial processes and Industrie 4.0. We charge a small fee of €50 p.p. for participation. This amount will be donated to charity, namely KWF. Your application is subject to our terms and conditions. If you have registered and unexpectedly cannot attend, please let us know so we can have another interested person attend the event.



Both the May 11 and June 30 events will take place at our location in Amersfoort, right across from Central Station.


Sign up

Are you interested in this event? Then register immediately using the form below for the event on May 11. There is only room for 45 participants, so be quick! Due to expected interest, you can register a maximum of 2 people from one organization.

Note: Using the form on this page, you can register for the session on Thursday, June 30.

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