What is a Lean or Lean Six Sigma training course?

Lean and Six Sigma are commonly mentioned in the same breath. Yet they are two different disciplines. On this page, we explain to you the difference. If you take a Lean or Six Sigma course at Symbol you can easily progress from Lean to Six Sigma and from Green to Black through the modular system. Organizations often do not know how to start improvement projects. To help you choose the right training program, we provide a brief explanation below.

What is Lean?

The goal of Lean is to create a process that adds as much value as possible and eliminates waste. This results in an output in line with customer expectations and minimal lead time.

So in our Lean training courses, you learn how to meet customer demand as efficiently as possible, with as little waste as possible. Lean techniques teach you to see and eliminate waste.


You have a choice of the following specific Lean training courses

Below we list our Lean trainings for you. On the pages themselves you can read more information and download a brochure.

Lean Yellow Belt
– Introduction to Lean management philosophy and Lean basic tools.
Lean Green Belt
– For carters and project leaders in Lean-based improvement projects.
Lean Black Belt
– Designer of a Lean implementation process, selects the improvement projects that will help the organization achieve its strategic and operational goals.
Lean Black Belt upgrade
– Have you already completed a Lean Green Belt training and want to deepen and broaden your knowledge to a Lean Black Belt level? Then this 4-day Lean Black Belt training (upgrade) is for you.


What is Six Sigma?

The premise of Six Sigma is to reduce the variation that each process has. By using various statistical tools to identify the causes of variation, processes can be improved to achieve what is known as a Six Sigma level. This means that in only 3.4 times out of 1 million we have a situation where customer expectations are not met. So the philosophy of Six Sigma is that every organization should strive to get its processes to a Six Sigma level, thus meeting customer expectations in almost all cases.

So in our Lean Six Sigma training courses, in addition to the Lean tools, you will learn how to deploy and apply statistics to deliver with statistical accuracy exactly those products and services that meet customer expectations and specifications.


Our Lean Six Sigma training courses

We have also listed our Lean Six Sigma training courses for you below. You can read more and download a brochure on the page itself.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
– Is familiar with Lean Management principles and the Six Sigma approach and can improve independently or contribute to larger projects as a team member.
Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt
– Is familiar with Lean Six Sigma methodologies and can lead improvement projects in his area or contribute to larger Green or Black Belt projects as a team member.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
– Is responsible for the efficient design and execution of processes and achieves significant improvements in lead time and quality through the right combination of specialist knowledge, Lean Management, statistical analysis and Lean Six Sigma methodology.
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
– Professionals able to combine analytical tools with key aspects of change management.
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt upgrade
– Already possess the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification and want to advance to a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.
Six Sigma Green Belt upgrade
– For if you already have Lean Green Belt certification and want to advance to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.
Six Sigma Black Belt upgrade
– For if you already have the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt level and have supplemented that with Lean Black Belt.

The unique modular structure of Lean and Lean Six Sigma training courses

The image below shows Symbol’s modular training structure.

Lean and Lean Six Sigma flow chart

How does it work?

The above schedule shows the different workouts in colors and number of days. Through the lines you can see how you can flow. For example, if you took a 5-day Lean Green Belt training course, you’ll see that you can progress into a 5-day upgrade to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or into a 4-day upgrade to Lean Black Belt. From the Lean Black Belt training, an upgrade to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is available, provided you have taken the Six Sigma portion in a Green Belt in your prior training.


Internationally recognized LSSA certification

All training courses are concluding with an internationally recognized LSSA theory exam. In addition, for the Green and Black Belt courses, a full certificate can be obtained by also passing the practical exam.


Where to get in?

You enter at the level that matches your qualifications and aspirations. Of course, our training advisors will be happy to help you if you are not sure what is the most appropriate training for you. Feel free to call them at 053 – 20 30 240 or ask for advice via our contact form.



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